Lock For Life is a program available through ElderNet of Lower Merion and Narberth and administered by the Lower Merion Township Police Department. It is intended to provide Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel access to your residence in the event of an emergency where you are unable to open the door.

A key to your residence is stored in a secure metal storage device, similar to a realtor's lockbox near the entrance to your residence. The access code to your lockbox is ONLY available to Police, Fire, and EMS personnel, it is used ONLY during an emergency, and ONLY if responders are unable to gain access into your home without using force.

In the event Lock For Life is accessed, a representative from the Lower Merion Township Police Department will contact the resident to change the combination as an added security measure.


All Lower Merion Township and Narberth residents ages 55 and older or younger disabled idividuals who live alone and/or have major medical issues. There are no income limits.


There is no charge to participate in this program. You only need a spare key.


A Lower Merion Township Police Officer will come to your home in full uniform to demonstrate how the lock operates. Any questions you may have will immediately be answered.


Contact ElderNet at 610.525.0706 OR Contact Lower Merion Police at 610.645.6240

Emergency Assistance

ElderNet staff works with older and disabled younger adults and their families to find answers to their complicated problems. Using COMPASS and other programs, ElderNet's Care Manager and Social Workers help with accessing and applying for benefits and public services. When more complex issues arise, our Care Manager and Social Workers follow-up with clients with chronic disease management issues, work with police in visiting people in crisis, address insurance questions, and assist with housing problems, financial problems, accessing benefits, and post-hospitalization issues.

To obtain help accessing or applying for benefits and public services, please contact one of our Social Workers or Care Manager below.

When funds are available, ElderNet assists those of all ages who need money for fuel, rent, food, and other one-time financial emergencies through grants and locally raised funds.

To qualify for our emergency financial services, you must comply with the following:

  • You must be a resident of Lower Merion or Narberth
  • You must meet with our Social Worker or Case Manager AND show a true need for this service.
  • You must have proof of low income according to HUD Income Limits.

Telephone Reassurance Program

ElderNet's dedicated and friendly volunteers call homebound clients each day, including weekends and holidays, to check on their health and security. The volunteers then contact ElderNet to inform the staff that the clients are doing well, or, if necessary, need additional care. ElderNet keeps a log of all telephone reassurance calls and takes additional steps when needed to ensure the safety of our homebound clients.

Information and Referral Services

ElderNet answers questions, helps individuals assess immediate needs, and finds resources to meet those needs. Whether you stop by, phone in, or send an email regarding your current situation, ElderNet will work to provide information and referral sources that best suit your individual needs. Our dedicated staff will follow-up with you to make sure that your issues have been resolved.

You may also find a great amount of information on various programs in our Resources section

Outreach & Community Cooperation

ElderNet studies current issues and informs the public about programs and services for the adult community. ElderNet representatives attend speaking engagements and gather information guides in an effort to better inform the public of the services available to them.

ElderNet collaborates with business, religious, and educational representatives to address issues faced by older adults in the community. ElderNet is regularly engaged with many area social service, health, and educational organizations in the Lower Merion and Narberth communities.

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